Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019: Winner!

We’re pleased to announce that METCLOUD have been honoured as the ‘Best Emerging Cyber Defence & Support Product‘ in the newly launched Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019 published by Wealth and Finance News.

The Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019 were launched to “acknowledge exemplary performance and innovation to those companies and key individuals involved within this rapidly evolving market. From streamlining operations to informing better decision making, technology clearly has the potential to revolutionise the future. With technology developments, AI can be applied to nearly every sector.”

METCLOUD’s win has been profiled by Wealth and Finance News in the Artificial Intelligence Awards ‘2019 Winner’s Magazine‘. Here’s an extract from the editorial:

“As technology and its widespread usage across the world becomes increasingly commonplace, so too does the looming threat of cybercrime. Offering a comprehensive platform of sophisticated cyber-defences and services to match the needs of today’s clients, METCLOUD is a firm that truly embodies what it means to be innovative. As we profile the firm, discover why it has been recognised in Wealth and Finance as the Best Emerging Cyber Defence & Support Product…

…Incorporating the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is key to the continued success of METCLOUD, as it will enable greater levels of capability and scalability. Across the digital landscape, cyber threats are always evolving at a terrifying pace and both AI and ML will be instrumental in combating these threats. Technology will help develop a capability that will identify and remediate cyber-related issues within milliseconds, instead of minutes and hours. Within the next two years, METCLOUD aim to be able to leverage AI and ML to make configuration changes to systems rapidly in order to protect platforms and clients across the world.”

To continue reading, access the full feature online here or download the full editorial as a PDF here.

Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019