COVID-19: An Update from METCLOUD

COVID-19 has brought upon great changes and challenges to businesses and communities worldwide. At the time of writing, changes continue to develop. For businesses across the UK, the importance of flexibility and availability of secure home working where possible have become more apparent than ever before.

What has been going on at METCLOUD?

Over the last three weeks, METCLOUD has seen a surge in demand to develop secure home working capabilities for organisations of various sizes. In one instance, the team was tasked to provide secure home working capabilities for 4,500 users within a span of three days.

As social distancing measures continue to tighten in the UK, the team has been racing against time, dwindling stock levels and office closures to ensure businesses can remain online and ready to serve the needs of the national economy.

Is the office still open?

The operations centre in Birmingham remains open to a small essential team of colleagues who are responsible for coordinating the logistics of hardware that can only be done within the premises. They are present to receive laptop deliveries, configure and dispatch them to customer employees who are now working from home.

Outside of this essential team, most METCLOUD colleagues are now working remotely to observe the social distancing measures that have been set. The teams are equipped to continue providing clients the full service during this time.

What are the common trends that have emerged during this time?

With the influx of demand for remote working over the last few weeks, it was not uncommon to see workers ferrying home desktop PCs and peripherals from their office. Bearing in mind that once they have successfully taken home their desktop PCs, they still need to set it up properly. Workers still have to connect to their local broadband router and install a VPN connection to their company system.

COVID-19 has made it glaringly apparent that businesses today need to consider implementing remote working at scale. Three key situations have emerged to highlight this:

Stock shortages and capital spend

Some companies have decided to procure additional laptops at a huge (but necessary) expense to facilitate working from home. As a result, they have doubled their IT capital spend overnight! This influx of demand has placed a massive strain on the supply chain for IT products as suppliers across the UK scramble to meet demand.

Cybersecurity measures need to be thoroughly considered

Due to the knee jerk reaction of COVID-19, some businesses have not thoroughly considered robust cybersecurity measures. The National Cyber Security Centre has released an excellent article that outlines the best practice guidelines that businesses need to consider in order to protect themselves from vulnerabilities during this time.

An emergence of opportunistic cyber criminals

The Computer Business Review has reported a rise in more than 6,000 coronavirus-related web domains have been registered in the past week. A number of these domains have been found to be suspicious with malignant intent. It is imperative that users are attentive and wary during this time.

METCLOUD is here to help during COVID-19!

As more circumstances develop from COVID-19, METCLOUD recognises that it is becoming increasingly challenging to discern between facts and opinion. As a result, it may become harder to make prudent and secure IT decisions for businesses at this time.

METCLOUD continues to maintain the utmost vigilance over emerging cybersecurity and cloud computing developments. Please be assured in knowing that the team is doing everything they can to ensure that clients are provided careful and secure service during this unprecedented situation. We will continue to deliver a summary of updates on our blog regularly to provide clarity during these circumstances.

Should you need any assistance and advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team. You can also see all of our COVID-19 updates via our dedicated webpage.