MET to METCLOUD: Celebrating 22 years of Innovation

A lot has changed since 1998, especially when we look to the world of technology. Back then, Google’s landing page looked like this and Amazon was just four years old. During the same year, Managed Enterprise Technologies, better known as MET, was founded. The mission? To improve IT efficiency for businesses across the UK through a commitment to innovation.

Fast forward to 2020, MET, now known as METCLOUD, following a hugely successful restructure in 2017, is continuing to evolve at speed while maintaining its original vow of offering excellent services through fast and forward-thinking. This year, in conjunction with celebrating 22 years of innovation and evolution, Founder and CEO, Ian Vickers takes a trip down memory lane.

MET got off to a healthy start for a young company in a relatively new and rapidly changing arena. Securing significant IT contracts with leading organisations in its early years, including Balfour Beatty, Royal Doultons, Costains and Capgemini. Contracts that would see the company become a regular fixture in the Deloitte Fast 50 Tech Index.

A further boost came in 2002 when Ian was awarded the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award by Ernst & Young. From then on, the company continued to win highly-sought flagship technology projects and support contracts across a host of sectors. These included the West Coast Modernisation Rail Line (a precursor to HS2), the London Underground refurbishment project called METRONET, the Stratford light-railway scheme extending out to the 2012 Olympic Park, and locally the iconic Mailbox & The Cube buildings in 2008.

All of these successes were made possible due to the company’s consistent enthusiasm and ability to make courageous decisions which brings us to the emergence of METCLOUD in 2017. Following a potentially life-altering health situation, Ian was faced with a period of reflection. This was the spark that ignited the start of METCLOUD. Ian decided to overhaul how MET operated. The process was more than just a rebrand, with Ian shifting the company’s primary focus as a result of the growing adoption of cloud computing services and deficiencies in cloud cybersecurity. Ian sights taking this leap of faith and accepting the risk of transforming a well-performing company as one of the best things he has ever done.

In its three years, the METCLOUD platform has gone on to be recognised as one of the most secure cybersecurity platforms globally. Since its inception, METCLOUD has won 31 awards; some of the most notable being, `Cloud Innovation Provider of the Year 2019‘ – UK IT Industry Awards and ‘Cybersecurity Platform of the Year 2020‘ – Innovation & Excellence Awards.

The evolution of the MET company Logo…1998 to Present Date
The evolution of the MET company Logo...1998 to Present Date

Ian credits not only the company’s ability to focus on breaking new ground as a driving factor for its achievements but its commitment to values and maintaining a positive and optimistic place for employees to work and achieve. Ian believes that employing good people and treating them well has enabled METCLOUD to succeed, citing high-levels of trust between customers and partners. METCLOUD prides itself on its lack of pretence and communicating with clients openly and honestly, providing transparency and cost-effective solutions, not only for big corporations but SMEs alike, which is something Ian is particularly enthusiastic about.

In fact, this enthusiasm shines through in the company’s work so much so that Ian was invited to become a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community, working to improve the state of the world through technological, financial, societal, political and educational means. Here, he assists in shaping the future of technology governance in AI and ML for micro, small and medium-sized companies. An area of focus that METCLOUD is continuing to expand.

Working on exciting and innovative projects is what propels the company and its people. Just in 2019, METCLOUD was chosen as one of a select eight Midland Fintech Innovators by The Investment Association; chosen by a panel of industry experts overseen by Graham Kellen, Chief Digital Officer of Schroders and Chair of the Engine Advisory Panel. The company was also recently awarded a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Birmingham City University.

The future looks increasingly bright for METCLOUD as it continues to stick to its original promise of innovation. The team looks forward to excelling in the global cybersecurity sector in the coming years. “When Google incorporated in 1998, I am sure that they did not visualize what they would be doing by 2020. Similarly, what METCLOUD could be in the next 5 years, 10 and 20 years, blows my mind”, says Ian.