Ransomware attacks are on the increase, targeting specific industries with alarming success. We’ve updated our ‘RANSOMWARE HANDBOOK’ to provide some insight into this growing threat, get your free copy here


In this handbook PDF, you will find some useful information about Ransomware, an updated family tree listing some of the emerging variants, workplace guidance, some useful links to sources, such as The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and even a free decryption tool for victims!

Ransomware attacks almost always start with a phishing email, putting your users on the front line when it comes to defending against these threats. The NCSC emphasise that training and awareness as an essential part of an organisations’ defence against email-borne threats.

The ‘RANSOMWARE HANDBOOK‘ also details how METCloud can help your organisation protect itself, using a multi layered approach to secure your people, your systems and, ultimately, your information. Think: Do your users know how to spot a phishing email? Do they know how sophisticated these targeted attacks can be? Do they know how to report instances and who to? Get in touch with us to learn more about our cyber security services:
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