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SOC-as a Service (SOCaaS)

Security Operations Centre as a Service (SOCaaS) will be your most important security investment. Gain essential insight into malicious cyber activity within your networks and systems using industry-leading SIEM technology from CYBERShark. Pro-active cyber surveillance 24/7 carried out by skilled cybersecurity analysts will enable you to quickly identify emerging threats, and ensure you are optimising your capability to defend against cyber-attacks.

With the rise of cyber crime attacks on businesses, it takes a business in the UK an average of eight months to identify and contain a cybersecurity breach.As a result, the cost of breaches in the UK has averaged at £3.9 million with the service industry being most affected.

Traditional cybersecurity measures do not cut it anymore. In a world where cybercriminals do not sleep, neither should the vanguards keeping them at bay.

Delivered through a subscription service via METCloud, SOC-as-a-Service provides real time monitoring, detection and analysis of cybersecurity threats. This is accomplished by proactive detection of advanced targeted attacks that would have otherwise been undetected by existing perimeter controls.

SOCaaS marries the strengths of 24/7 surveillance through ML- and AI-based security tools with the analytical expertise of a team of highly-skilled cybersecurity specialists. This delivers an efficient and streamlined way to identify security gaps and eliminate threats through early detection.

With METCloud, you can expect the following benefits from your investment:

  • Scalability and customised solutions based on your needs as a result of cloud-native, multi-tenant platforms
  • Comprehensive and jargon-free threat analytics reporting
  • Live support from a highly-skilled team of cybersecurity specialists
  • Cohesive and seamless playbooks, updates and application deployment that are tailor-made for your business

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  • 24x7x365 monitoring by experienced analysts

  • Efficient collection of logs using a single collector file

  • Encrypted transmission of logs to the cloud service

  • Logs are hashed and stored for 12 months for compliance

  • Real time threat analysis and incident notification

  • Eliminate false positives

  • Customised portal to view data, reports and incidents

  • Scheduled reporting for MI and compliance

  • Includes remediation instructions


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