A co-hosted event by METCLOUD & our strategic partner Intergence.

As the cyber security landscape continues to evolve, new and more pressing threats are emerging every day. As businesses battle against restrictive budgets and limited expenditures, it can be challenging to implement effective security solutions that will not affect your profitability.

METCLOUD and Intergence recently co-hosted a “Cyber Advisers” cyber security event which was a unique opportunity to discover how to improve your cyber defence capabilities even when your budget is strained, and your resources are under pressure. Our cyber security specialists introduced the value of a ‘SMART’ approach to your business’ defences:

METCLOUD’s COO, Fayyaz Shah

A well-attended event at the HAC in London, with a panel of top Cyber Security Professionals such as Don Randall Ex CISO at the Bank of England, our COO Fayyaz Shah, and Rachel Laursen CISO of M&S in the UK.

Some of the discussed topics were what is the best practice fundamentals for ensuring effective security in a hybrid network and how can organisations optimise the scarce resource and budget that they have to achieve maximum risk reduction.

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