Elevate your security posture with METCLOUD and LogPoint's partnership, empowering your organisation to proactively mitigate risks and defend against emerging cyber threats.

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Logpoint offers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions like SIEM+SOAR, UEBA, and SAP to safeguard against evolving threats. Their centralised platform streamlines processes, empowering teams with actionable intelligence for enhanced cybersecurity, compliance, and business analytics.

Our Offering

Introducing our LogPoint-powered SIEM service, designed to revolutionise security monitoring by offering advanced capabilities for threat detection and incident response. Leveraging LogPoint’s sophisticated data collection, normalisation, and aggregation technologies, we provide clients with unparalleled visibility across their entire infrastructure, enabling proactive risk identification and mitigation. Our real-time alerting and notification features ensure timely response to emerging threats, independent of affected assets. LogPoint’s robust forensic data analysis, seamless integration with Security Operation Centers (SOC), and access to a dedicated cybersecurity advisory team further enhance our clients’ ability to optimise security solutions.

With a focus on client satisfaction, our streamlined onboarding process guarantees a smooth transition, offering tailored solutions and comprehensive support to enable effective security monitoring and compliance reporting.


  • Enhanced threat detection through data analysis
  • Improved incident understanding via data aggregation
  • Real-time alerts and strong forensic analysis
  • Integration with SOC and advisory assistance
  • Flexible reporting based on risk assessment
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