Elevate your security with METCLOUD's partnership with Traced, offering top-notch mobile protection and privacy-first solutions.

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Traced believes that privacy is a human right. And that every business deserves to be free from the fear and threat of cybercrime. So they made a Mobile Threat Defence system with amazing protection, without compromising privacy.

Our Offering

At METCLOUD, we offer Trustd, a comprehensive mobile security solution designed to safeguard your devices against a wide range of threats. Trustd protects your mobile device from app, network, and device-based threats such as malware, phishing, rogue WiFi, unauthorised screen, camera, and mic access, as well as permissions abuse and device exploits. The Trustd engine seamlessly integrates with METCLOUD’s security surveillance platform, providing organisations with comprehensive security on all devices accessing corporate data. Additionally, Trustd MTD can easily layer on top of existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, ensuring GDPR compliance for corporate devices by enabling remote support and updates, implementing data loss prevention measures, and configuring secure remote access authentication with multi-factor authentication (MFA).


  • Enhanced mobile security capabilities
  • Seamless integration with METCLOUD's platform
  • Compliance assurance, particularly with GDPR
  • Improved device compatibility, including containerized devices
  • Implementation of a Zero-Trust access strategy for enhanced security measures

Benedict Jones, CEO at Traced says:

"As cybercriminals adapt and find new ways to extort and disrupt businesses, our combined expertise with the team at METCLOUD protects their customers against cyberattacks arising from mobile threats. Together we’re securing their mobile devices in line with zero-trust principles, preventing data breaches and protecting their employees’ privacy.” 

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