With an excellent reputation for delivering scalable, cyber-secure, cloud computing environments, METCLOUD has successfully evolved into one of the UK’s leading brands in cybersecurity.

Cybercriminals are becoming more aggressive and sophisticated in their methods of attack. This ever-evolving landscape means that cybersecurity solutions are now more essential than ever.

Research & Development

METCLOUD has continually invested in services, technology, team, R&D and brand over the years. This has helped us consistently strengthen our offering for our clients. As well as more recently, bring about a new era & look for the METCLOUD brand. 

Over the past 12 months, our design team has been working behind the scenes to develop our brand identity and bring it in line with the METCLOUD of today. Simply put, this reflects the quality & precision of our redefined services as well as the transparent approach we offer to our clients.


Our brand designer, Mark Townsend explains the thinking behind our brand transformation.

“When approached by METCLOUD to look at their brand identity, we spent time uncovering their core values and ambitions. This was through a series of discovery sessions which defined their objectives and future strategy. We quickly realised the biggest issue organisations encounter is simply understanding the technical challenges and jargon associated with cybersecurity.


“This barrier informed our approach in creating ‘The METCLOUD Lens’. A visual tool we have developed that effectively communicates cybersecurity and the brand philosophy.

“Based on the concept of an eye, symbolising vision, focus, observation and monitoring. The Lens is used throughout METCLOUD’s communication to support our brand messaging. 

“Building on the already strong foundation that METCLOUD had established we developed five key design pillars to elevate the brand & mould the new design. 

  • Clarity
  • Consistency 
  • Excellence
  • Execution 
  • Innovation  

“As well as the need to modernise the brand, redefining their core services to attract new clients was a primary objective for METCLOUD. We were excited to help elevate their brand so they can now proudly sit alongside established global cybersecurity brands, effectively future-proofing the business whilst repositioning their offering to meet the ongoing needs of their clients.”

“This clarity of brand message is for the diverse markets METCLOUD supports. Furthermore, it strengthens the point that cybersecurity isn’t just for large corporations. Any size organisation needs to protect and fortify their IT systems and METCLOUD can provide pioneering solutions tailored to their needs.”

Get connected, Cyber safe. 

Ian Vickers, METCLOUD CEO said “Our ethos of ‘Get connected, Cyber safe’ flows through everything we do. It runs alongside our core values at the heart of this exciting new era of the METCLOUD brand. And reflects our commitment to building strong, sustainable long-term relationships with our clients. As well as being a trustworthy and resilient partner to support their vital cybersecurity needs.”

If you want to find out more about what we do, simply look around our new site, or get in touch. Why not start here to see the cyber security services we provide, or visit our ‘solutions’ page to find out about the most common threats and how we tackle them.