Year: 2023

METCLOUD to run its award-winning UK private cloud platform with HPE GreenLake

As a multi-award-winning secure cloud services provider, METCLOUD have forged ahead to provide organisations with the best of both worlds. Creating our own cloud offering based on the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, METCLOUD delivers a sophisticated cloud experience for VMs, containers and bare metal in private cloud environments, protected by METCLOUD’s comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity […]

February 2023

Advancing METCLOUD service quality by harnessing artificial intelligence: AIOps

The AIOps Vision AIOps transforms cloud services by improving service quality and customer experience at scale while boosting productivity with intelligent tools, driving continuous cost optimisation, and ultimately improving the reliability, performance, and efficiency of the platform itself. When we invest in advancing AIOps and related technologies, we see this ultimately provides value in several […]

January 2023