The AIOps Vision

AIOps transforms cloud services by improving service quality and customer experience at scale while boosting productivity with intelligent tools, driving continuous cost optimisation, and ultimately improving the reliability, performance, and efficiency of the platform itself. When we invest in advancing AIOps and related technologies, we see this ultimately provides value in several ways:

  • Higher service quality and efficiency: Cloud services with built-in capabilities of self-monitoring, self-adapting, and self-healing, all with minimal human intervention. Platform-level automation powered by such intelligence will improve service quality (including reliability, and availability, and performance), and service efficiency to deliver the best possible customer experience.
  • Higher DevOps productivity: With the automation power of AI and ML, engineers are released from the toil of investigating repeated issues, manually operating and supporting their services, and can instead focus on solving new problems, building new functionality, and work that more directly impacts the customer and partner experience. In practice, AIOps empowers developers and engineers with insights to avoid looking at raw data, thereby improving engineer productivity.
  • Higher customer satisfaction: AIOps solutions play a critical role in enabling customers to use, maintain, and troubleshoot their workloads on top of our cloud services as easily as possible. We endeavour to use AIOps to understand customer needs better, in some cases to identify potential pain points and proactively reach out as needed. Data-driven insights into customer workload behaviour could flag when METCLOUD or the customer needs to take action to prevent issues or apply workarounds. Ultimately, the goal is to improve satisfaction by quickly identifying, mitigating, and fixing issues.

The rapid growth in event data cannot wait for humans to derive insights, hence the need for AIOps in IT operations

Xavier Schmoor (Data Scientist at METCLOUD)

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

Research firm Gartner first coined the term AIOps in 2016. Combining the phrases “artificial intelligence” and “IT operations,” Gartner gave a name to a developing force in the IT industry Defining AIOps as the application of AI to IT operations. Since then, as cloud computing and IT operations have advanced, AIOps has seen tremendous growth.

Embracing the future

The intelligence required to handle the complexity of contemporary IT environments is introduced by AIOps. The adoption of new technologies by organisations to spur innovation has given IT a more strategic role to play in meeting changing business needs. As a result, the burden on the IT infrastructure during this procedure (using older tools) is expected to rise. Therefore, foresightful enterprises must employ AIOps to transform IT that helps them drive improved operational efficiency and innovation.

The top 5 reasons why you need AIOps

1. Improved time management and event prioritisation: Businesses can automatically identify the alerts that matter the most and prioritize their answers using an AIOps platform that employs extensive fault-tree analysis. 

2. Reduced IT spend: By anticipatorily seeing possible problems, AIOps systems can notify analysts before they result in an expensive outage.

3. Enhanced business innovation: By automating crucial procedures, AIOps decreases the time and effort on tasks. This enables IT teams to concentrate on what really matters- putting strategic initiatives in place that lead to business success.

4. Increased collaboration: actively enhances the collaboration between various teams across your enterprise. With customized reports and dashboards, teams can understand their tasks and requirements quickly.

5. Greater automation: AIOps allows for the automation of important processes including error detection, alert analysis, and event reporting. This enables IT operation teams to change their priorities and emphasis.


This is a game changer and widespread adoption is inevitable as AI is shifting from a nice-to-have to a must-have.

METCLOUD Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud: is monitored and supported 24/7 harnessing latest generation Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations.

Do you need assistance with the rising complexity of IT operations? Utilise platforms and solutions driven by AI. Optimise your application resources, achieve your SLAs, and take a comprehensive approach to reduce the time required for resolution, root cause analysis, and diagnostics.

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