According to Space Tech Analytics’ Space Tech 2021 report, there are more than 10,000 private space tech companies and 5,000 leading investors. The best known, of course, is SpaceX but the corporate space arena has expanded and will continue to do so in the coming years.

According to industry experts the sector should reach $1 Trillion in annual revenue by 2040.

Moreover, the progression of Space Technologies has led to the development of hundreds of applications and capabilities. ‘Essential systems such as communications, air transport, maritime trade, financial services, weather monitoring and defence all rely heavily on space infrastructure, including satellites, ground stations and data links at the national, regional, and international level’.

Space is under attack: Cybersecurity to the rescue

Therefore, our reliance on space has increased significantly. This is due to the digital revolution in terms of communications, security, intelligence, and commerce. As a result, dangers have increased along with it, making it vital to prioritise cybersecurity around space assets.

The threat between space to ground communications and sensors is very real and ominous…

Cybersecurity has to be a key priority – the constant development of next generation technologies in this sector is hugely desirable for cybercriminals and countries willing to exploit weaknesses in cyber defences.

Ian Vickers

Urgency To Cyber-Secure Space Assets

Space is an invaluable domain, but it is also increasingly crowded and particularly susceptible to a range of cyber vulnerabilities and threats. Cyberattacks can occur across multiple segments — space, communications link, and ground. NASA had experienced more than 6,000 cyber incidents, and 1,785 in 2020 alone. With some 3,000 websites and 42,000 publicly accessible datasets. Something needs to be done…

Securing the stars with Cybersecurity

As terrestrial and space systems become progressively more linked, the lines between them blur. According to discussions held in April 2022 by the Global Future Councils on Cybersecurity and Space of the World Economic Forum, governments should identify crucial space-enabled services and should make securing their end-to-end cyber resilience a top priority, along with those who operate, use, and profit from space-dependent technologies.

Introducing ‘Cyber security and the Space Industry’- The Webinar

As the industry begins expanding at breakneck speed, it’s time for the rest of us to pay attention once more. That’s why METLOUD is hosting a webinar to address these concerns.

Ian Vickers, CEO of METCLOUD, will join Gary Mead from SilverSky and Michael Clayforth-Carr from ADS Group to discuss the issues and resolutions regarding cybersecurity and space. Even better it is free to join. Plus there will be a Q&A at the end to answer your queries and concerns.  

METCLOUD is the global brand of choice for next-generation secure online cloud services for earth and space technology. SilverSky is a company that is addressing security challenges with a managed service model. ADS Group is the UK trade organisation representing the aerospace, defence, security, and space sectors.

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