An overview into DDoS. Is your business ready to defend against an attack or will you end up as another statistic of cybercrime? Award winning defence from METCLOUD is here to assist!

What is DDoS?

Distributed Denial of Service, otherwise known as DDoS, is the malicious attempt to stop a server, service, or network’s regular flow. Internet traffic can result in a flood of the target or nearby infrastructure. Essentially, it works by a Botnet targeting a victim’s IP address, potentially leading to an overburdened server or network. Or on the other hand, a denial-of-service attack against regular traffic.

Every attack has a history…

In 1996, Panix, one of the earliest internet service providers, was subjected to the first known DDoS attack when an SYN flood (a method that has since come to represent the standard DDoS attack) took the provider down for several days. These specific attacks spread throughout the following few years, and according to Cisco, by 2023, the overall number will have doubled from the 7.9 million recorded in 2018.

Why do we need to be aware of DDoS?

Every company is a potential target (especially online organisations). Therefore, it is critical for all firms to understand how detrimental this type of attack can be. DDoS attacks have the potential to harm a company’s long-term reputation; by causing revenue losses, eroding consumer confidence and making companies give monetary compensation. In point of fact, the average small to medium-sized business spends $120,000 per attack.

This is real life…

Furthermore, 2020 saw Google, a well-known and heavily occupied company face a large and devastating attack. Detecting a record-breaking UDP amplification assault that originated from several Chinese ISPs. As far as they are aware, this is still their biggest bandwidth attack to date. And there are a specific attacks to look out for this year, in 2022…

Be aware! The new attack trends

Cloudflare has identified three key DDoS attack patterns for 2022. Those that occur at the network, application, and application layers. Network-layer attacks, in particular, have grown by 109%, with the top three businesses targeted being telecoms, gaming and gambling, and information technology and services. Every company, service and organisation should be aware that they’re no exception and could be a victim of attack at any time.

Almost everyone faced an industrial attack in the last year

Barracuda (2022)

What’s the solution?

Moreover, it is highly advised that cyber defence systems are readily available to defend in the event of an attack. Both to help defend against an imminent attack and to assist in data recovery. METCLOUD is THE cyber defence system to prevent and mitigate DDoS attacks.

So, before disaster strikes and your business is compromised, implement METCLOUD’s award winning defence. Before it’s too late.

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