METCLOUD CEO Ian Vickers was part of a stellar line-up of speakers at the recent Insider’s Space Sector Roundtable event. Held at the world-leading space and earth observation cluster, Space Park Leicester.

The UK is a world leader in space technologies, with this sector growing four times faster than the rest of the economy, and UK space-related organisations producing £16.5 billion in 2019/20. 32% of this total, belongs to exports and space manufacturing which grew by £23 million. 

Ian was joined at the Roundtable by some of the region’s leading minds in manufacturing, space, engineering, and technology. They discussed the growth of the UK space sector and the subsequent space sector opportunities available for businesses.

Issues discussed included data processing and security, the all-important topic of IP protection as well as sustainably growing the supply chain in this sector. Collaborative events like this perfectly align with the METCLOUD vision to be a pioneer in making space technology cyber safe and work with partners to safeguard the final frontier from cybercrime. 

Key Points

Ian’s key takeaway points from the Roundtable include:- 

  • The prediction that Space Park Leicester will become a critical component of the UK’s economic recovery, generating £750 million a year for the UK economy, leading to 2500 jobs. 
  • Launch of the world’s first Space Bridge between the UK & Australia will unlock improved access to trade, investment and academic research opportunities, better advice to businesses and innovative bilateral collaborations.
  • Looking at emergent technology such as In-space robotic manufacturing and assembly, and understanding how it’s at the forefront of maximising capabilities for this new era of space we are entering.
  • With nuclear powers proven track record of safely and reliably powering interplanetary research missions, recent investments & developments in new nuclear technologies have the potential to revolutionize space travel. 

As space endeavours continue to exceed expectations at a spectacular rate, we must recognise and understand the enormous cyber threats the space-based ecosystem can face, especially when more governments and private businesses are involved. 

Cyber security breaches in this sector are continually evolving in sophistication and alongside the risk of IP theft, the consequences are often devastating. It is imperative that businesses work together, to adopt the highest level of risk mitigation approaches to ensure the safety of our entire planet. This means real-world collaboration to ensure the safety & performance of cybersecurity for space-destined equipment. 

A leader in cybersecurity, innovation, and excellence, METCLOUD recognises the burgeoning value of data security and is committed to leading the way in making space technology infrastructure cyber safe. It is our mission to be the global brand of choice for next-generation cyber secure cloud services for both earth & space-bound tech.

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Full coverage of the roundtable will be published in the July edition of Insider Magazine. For all METCLOUD news & views, follow us on social media.

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