As a multi-award-winning secure cloud services provider, METCLOUD have forged ahead to provide organisations with the best of both worlds. Creating our own cloud offering based on the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, METCLOUD delivers a sophisticated cloud experience for VMs, containers and bare metal in private cloud environments, protected by METCLOUD’s comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity technologies and services.

Alida Jinnah (Data Specialist), sat down with Fayyaz Shah, COO at METCLOUD, to find out more about the challenges they and their customers are facing.

Tell us a little bit about METCLOUD, where and when did the company’s story begin and what is it exactly you do?

“The METCLOUD brand was launched in 2017 but its roots stem as far back as 1998. Innovation has always been at the heart of the company with the organisation developing many ground-breaking technologies.

Modern cloud services really started to take shape in 2014 and as a result we were increasingly involved in consulting and delivering global migration projects. It was during this period that we faced many security challenges due to the immaturity of the cloud security market. As a result, the seed of an idea was planted and following several years of development METCLOUD was born.  

METCLOUD `Get Connected Cyber Safe’ is our mantra. This sits at the core of who we are. Understanding this helps explain why METCLOUD is different. All our services have security designed at the outset and is arguably the most secure platform available for small and medium size organisations.”

What do you think is today’s core challenge when it comes to private systems, be it on-premises or in a colocation environment? And how does HPE GreenLake help you to tackle it?

A private cloud must be as simple to operate as the public cloud. The METCLOUD platform, now runs by HPE GreenLake, provides an automated, flexible, and secure private cloud that you can use to run, support, and develop any of your apps. This makes moving to METCLOUD simple, as our customers are able to use familiar hypervisor and container technologies to leverage all their data. At the same time, it is delivered as a service, with predictable costs and no upfront payment: You pay for what you use while consumption visibility and analytics help you optimise your investment.

The HPE GreenLake platform will help power our growth in the UK and offer organisations of all sizes a real alternative to public cloud offerings. Cybersecurity is a major challenge for businesses of all sizes however small and medium size businesses are hardest hit. Our commitment to our customers is to provide optimal cloud performance, resilience, security and by harnessing HPE GreenLake we will be able to take this to another level.

Which long-term benefits do you expect to see for your customers?

Globally, organisations are facing increased financial and security challenges, with many treading the fine line between ensuring secure operations and controlling their finances. In today’s world with inflation running wild, organisations need cost predictability and agility to not only survive but gain a market advantage. HPE GreenLake provides the platform for organisations to combat inflation through a consumption based and predictable multi-year costing model, which eliminates overprovisioning and its associated costs. Controlling costs is crucial to surviving a challenging macroeconomic environment leading many organisations to be more cautious. However, whilst controlling costs is important cybersecurity must be top of mind for all; last year cyberattacks are reported to have cost UK businesses £2.8bn. Looking at this number, can anyone afford not to prioritise cybersecurity?”

Staying at the forefront of innovation

Our comprehensive portfolio of services and the flexibility and consumption-based approach of the HPE GreenLake platform enables organisations across all major industries to accelerate their adoption of next generation cybersecurity, and cloud computing technologies, ensuring they remain secure, effective, and efficient in a modern economy.

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