The mobile landscape has changed over the past two years! Ever since the coronavirus pandemic forced employees to work from home, often using their own devices. The traffic coming from mobile devices has now surpassed that from PCs as the primary method of browsing the internet. However, as our reliance on mobile devices increases, so does the value of data, giving even more motivation to cybercriminals.

Two-thirds of organisations currently have an active bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy.

As a result, the volume of mobile threats is expanding in quantity and complexity, and attackers are becoming more sophisticated. There are multiple security risks that can harm your mobile, just like viruses and spyware can infect your PC. Currently, mobile devices are the target of almost a third of zero-day attacks.

So, what mobile security threats should you be aware of?

Data Leakage

Data leaks that are unintended are frequently caused by mobile apps. For instance, apps classed as “riskware” (apps that are not strictly malicious but pose some sort of risk for the user) often have extensive permissions and can feed a lot of information from your device back to the app creators.

Unsecured Wi-Fi and network spoofing

Free Wi-Fi networks are frequently insecure, and in high-traffic public places like coffee shops, libraries, and airports, hackers put up false access points – connections that seem legitimate but are actually traps to capture all the information that flows through that connection.

Phishing Attacks

Mobile phishing attacks have been increasing by around 85% year on year. Attackers will exploit mobile device users to fool us into tapping spoof links to download malware or expose credentials. Irrespective of whether it was link sent in an email, an SMS, social media or voice message.


Spyware poses a more immediate threat than malware, sending data streams back to hackers. However, users should be most concerned about spyware deployed by someone they know to monitor their whereabouts and activity.


Malicious apps – whether designed that way or compromised – can abuse permissions to access sensitive data from your device, install malware that relays data back to attackers, or can spread to your contacts or business network.

Put your Trust in Trustd

METCLOUD has become a Platinum partner of Traced so that we can extend our award-winning cybersecurity capability to now include mobile devices.

The AI-powered protection in Trustd is built for the needs of mobile users by mobile security specialists. It stops malware and phishing attacks that have never been seen before. Our Wi-Fi protection identifies malicious or insecure hotspots, and our privacy protection stops cameras, mics, or messages being accessed without consent. Essentially, addressing all the issues above.

The Trustd engine integrates with METCLOUD’s security surveillance platform to give our clients greater insight and security on all devices that have access to corporate data.

Contact a member of our team today on 0121 227 0730 or email for any of your cyber security concerns.

More with Trustd (Powered by METCLOUD) coming soon…