An excerpt from our press release in Insider Magazine – Midlands Business Edition, February Issue. METCLOUD sponsors the Transformative Tech section of Insider, and the ‘Revolutionaries’.

“With the burgeoning trend of modern workplaces, home & hybrid working as well as demand for access to data from anywhere has significantly increased the attack surface. Threat actors have increased exponentially and so there has never been a more important time for cybersecure cloud computing”

Ian Vickers, CEO of METCLOUD has a clear vision for the cybersecurity and cloud computing company. He is on a journey to make METCLOUD the world’s most trusted name for connecting people and businesses; hence the mantra – `Get Connected, Cyber Safe’. METCLOUD has won over 50 awards in recognition for their innovation and contribution to cybersecurity for various sectors including FinTech, Corporate Excellence & Storage Cloud and Digitalisation.

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In 2020, METCLOUD secured a £250,000 grant from Innovate UK to further develop AI/ML and Data Analytics. The company is working closely with Birmingham City University as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership. The aim is to create one of the most advanced cybersecurity capabilities in the world.

Most recently, METCLOUD also secured £1 million ‘Seed’ investment from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF) to further catalyse their growth and development in the sector. The company will continue to seek capital from future rounds of funding in order to continue its growth aspirations.


This comes at a very crucial pivot within the current economic climate. As society continues to immerse deeper into digital reliance, the world is also seeing an exponential surge in cybercrime. Businesses are fast recognising their role in being answerable for their cybersecurity attitudes and practices.

Cybercrime is today’s greatest threat to businesses big and small. While cyber-attacks on conglomerates are covered in the news, small-medium enterprises are most susceptible and targeted daily. A report by Cybercrime Magazine earlier this year predicted that the global cost of cybercrime is expected to surge past $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

As 2021 saw record highs in cybercrime activity, it is more apparent than ever that a company’s attitude to cybersecurity can make or break the business. Comprehensive protection starts with a trusted partner in computing and cybersecurity.


There are very few businesses today that do not rely on technology. Cloud computing, AI/ML and data analytics can really spearhead the growth of a business if executed carefully. This also means that it is in the best interest of business leaders to see cybersecurity and cloud computing as one of the integral pillars of business operations.

METCLOUD’s platform is designed to help businesses remain secure, effective and efficient against today’s demands. Their philosophy towards easing businesses into cloud adoption means that the team is committed to looking at the business as a whole, developing solutions that are scalable to the needs and ensuring that the business has expert support when they need it.


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