Many of us will soon be visiting family and friends in the final two weeks of December. We shall take pleasure in our time together while attempting to temporarily put our year’s troubles behind us. At such time, a lot of individuals go on vacation, leaving the organisation with little staff to run daily operations. Each sector is different in this regard, but regardless of what occurs in December, every organisation has a period of time when their activity is lower than usual and security risk higher.

Hackers are not on holiday

At the same time, this is a hot time for threat actors who are counting on the fact that fewer personnel in the organisation mean fewer eyes to look for any signals that can indicate something is going wrong.

Some hackers even specialise in preparing the whole year for these specific events – whether it’s Christmas, Ramadan or any other major event, scammers are generally counting on less awareness within the organisation infrastructure.

Adding to the “mix” war in Ukraine, the cost-of-living crisis makes it even more challenging, with particular types of threats increasing, such as insiders or state-funded criminal groups.

The biggest victims of this situation are small and medium organisations that need to balance costs, retain employers and still make a profit. This is when companies will introduce cost cutting in order to make stakeholders happy.

That is, for example, the case around cybersecurity. Unfortunately, poorly assessed cuts within this area will retaliate. This will occur sooner or later, but will eventually expose weaknesses.

The light in a dark tunnel

Relatively recently, Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) organisation introduced Digital Trust. As reported by ISACA every organisation understands Digital Trust differently.

Digital trust is “the confidence in the integrity of relations, interactions and transactions among providers and consumers within an associated digital ecosystem.”

In this article, we will not try to digest this definition. For more information, please check the ISACA website: ISACA – The Digital Trust Leader.

What is essential and very important to see through this standardisation of Digital Trust is what potential doors it opens. As the general guidance, it gives the organisation confidence in looking for suppliers or providers with aligned standards that it can develop with and will want to pursue. This guideline will eliminate some parts of red tape, corruption, or “strange” choices when looking for suppliers but, most importantly, will boost our confidence in choosing them.

Instead of cutting, share it

Here we come back to a situation where many organisations can be looking to cut some of the costs within cyber security. However, if the digital trust between organisations and some of their supplier is on a good level – instead of cutting costs, the solution can be to share it. Negotiating a particular security solution can be much easier if we bring more endpoints and devices or people together than we would alone. The cost cut can be simply within each endpoint unit price spread across multiple organisations.

Of course, there will be a question: who should manage it? And again, through Digital Trust guidelines, we can choose a provider that will do it for us and ensure every organisation will have the same level of protection.


METCLOUD is one of those organisations that can provide this “share” by delivering a high level of cyber security services through competitive prices.

Having a massive portfolio of clients allows METCLOUD to talk directly to providers, no matter what security product or service it is. Starting from endpoint protection through firewalls, Vulnerabilities management, SOC up to management level of managing risks, IT or even help to govern it.

It is essential to mention through Digital Trust:

  • METCLOUD provide high quality performance within all areas, which can be confirmed by over 20 years of experience in IT and IT Security. Customers have trusted this organisation for many years.
  • METCLOUD is available 24×7.
  • METCLOUD have specialists at every level: security and data analysts, the technical team that can directly help with any issues, a Service Desk with excellent SLA level, professionals specialising in Data protection or helping govern IT and IT Security within the organisation to provide the full spectrum of Security and Privacy.
  • METCLOUD provide a clear policy regarding ethics and integrity through METCLOUD Family. For more, please check: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – METCLOUD
  • METCLOUD have won many awards and has been widely recognised. For more, please check Success & Awards – METCLOUD
  • Provide clear Corporate Social Responsibility and privacy policy through provided services.
  • Resiliency is one of the essential parts of METCLOUD, which is offered as well as a service in the form of backups solutions and Disaster Recovery

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Written by Martin Zbozien

CISM, CGEIT, CDPSE, Information Security Officer at METCLOUD.

Martin is an experienced professional starting his carrier as IT Technician, Ethical Hacker, and Full-stack Developer going through several roles as a Systems Architect, Network Specialist, Lead Developer up to Head of IT, IT Director, and CIO in the Financial and Reals Estate industry.