The global space sector is set to double in size to £400bn by 2030. Our round table looked at the opportunities for Midland manufacturers.

Featured on Insider Media July’s Issue.

The UK is a world leader in space technologies, with this sector growing four times faster than the rest of the economy, and UK space-related organisations produced £16.5 billion in 2019/20. 32% of this total, belongs to exports and space manufacturing which grew by £23 million.

As space endeavours continue to exceed expectations at a spectacular rate, we need to recognise and understand that the space-based ecosystem can face enormous cyber threats especially when more governments and private businesses are getting involved.
Cyber security breaches in this sector are continually evolving in sophistication and alongside the risk of IP theft the consequences are often devastating.

The space sector is a great opportunity for the UK but we have to move quickly because it’s time-limited.”

Prof Gary Jones

METCLOUD and Insider Media hosted a roundtable back in May, at Leicester Space Park about upcoming opportunities in the UK Space Sector and more specifically in the Midlands region.

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