We’re pleased to finally share that METCLOUD have been titled ‘Leading Innovators of Financial Cybersecurity Platforms‘ in the inaugural SME News Finance Awards 2019. This announcement shortly follows our involvement with Velocity Birmingham, whereby we were selected as a #FinTech innovator. METCLOUD’s multi-layered and sophisticated approach to cyber security makes it the perfect platform for businesses operating in the financial, insurance and legal sectors.

Upon winning our award from SME News, METCLOUD have been featured in the ‘Finance Awards – Full Winners Listing 2019‘ magazine. The profile narrates how we as a company are growing and innovating and the importance of our cyber security services, especially for the industries with heavy regulatory compliance requirements. Here’s an extract from the editorial:

…METCLOUD can hold its own in an already crowded market. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of technologies and companies offering protection in various aspects of cyber-security. The crowded eco-system can muddle companies looking for effective production, with different groups offering different solutions to anti-virus protection, firewall protection and encryption to name but a few. To the business community, it can be hard to find a partner you can trust. METCLOUD was developed to address this problem for organisations and offers a platform that addresses all these requirements. METCLOUD simplifies this challenge and addresses the complexities of developing a robust cyber defence. The firm’s clients benefit from an enterprise technology stack supported by both network operation centre services (NOCaaS) and security operation centre services (SOCaaS).

You can view the ‘Finance Awards – Full Winners Listing 2019’ using the embedded reader below. If you prefer to download the PDF version, click the button below.

Finance Awards 2019