A week is a long time in politics and 18 months is a lifetime in technology. In January 2021 we published a blog about the importance of SOC as a Service and in 2022 the cyber threat continues to grow at an alarming rate.

Astonishingly about $1 trillion is spent on cybercrime globally, which is 50% more than was anticipated in 2018. Even yet, it’s concerning how many firms still don’t have efficient incident response and prevention plans.

Meanwhile, earlier in the year our NCSC urged the country to bolster our cyber defences in response to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. METCLOUD understands the tremendous strain this places on an organisation’s systems, procedures, and, ultimately, staff.

SOC as a Service: What is it?

As cyberattacks and zero-day threats become more common, many organisations are realizing they need 24/7 SOC capabilities. Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a specialised function in IT responsible for managing and monitoring computing activities, logs, devices, and networks to detect, prevent and respond to vulnerabilities and impending cyber threats. Ensure peace of mind with the best-in-class technology and specialised experts- at METCLOUD.

Will you become just another cybercrime statistic?

Moreover, there has been an exponential rise in the security breaches and sophistication of cyber-attacks. Prevent your business from becoming another cybercrime statistic by utilising a system that combats cybersecurity threats. Therefore, if for instance you spend valuable time chasing down possible online security breaches or you’re wanting to expand, and you know your system will have glaring vulnerabilities while you do: SOC as a Service has your back!

SOC as a Service: Protect your organisation now!

Building and maintaining a Security Operations Centre requires a significant financial commitment; METCLOUD handles these added duties. whilst Delivering 24/7 award-winning infrastructure, technology, and expertise in cyber security while keeping costs low. Additionally improved incident reaction times and incident management procedures are just a couple of the advantages, along with continuous monitoring and analysis of suspicious activities. A crucial service for protecting any organisation.

Solution: Why METCLOUD?

METCLOUD is a company that has won awards for excellence, innovation, and cybersecurity. Our goal is to become the go-to brand globally for next-generation, secure cloud services. No matter how a potential cyberattack was carried out, METCLOUD’s range of cloud services and cyber security will guarantee that you are protected, defended against, and able to neutralise it.

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