Discovering the Beyond

Since humans first put footprints on the moon about 50 years ago, the majority of human space travel has focused on human exploration and unmanned scientific research. High levels of private investment, technological advancements, and expanding public interest are now reviving the demand to look to the stars.

As such, opportunities within the space industry are immense, with more focus, time, and dedication being implemented daily. Furthermore, within investigating the final frontier, Morgan Stanley estimates that globally this industry could generate revenue of more than $1 trillion or more in 2040, up from $350 billion, currently.

Therefore, there is no doubt that space has limitless untapped possibilities for science and business in the modern world… and people are paying attention.

METCLOUD floats into space

Moreover, opportunities are concurrent with challenges. METCLOUD recognises this. Organizations in the industry require strong, specialised cybersecurity solutions due to their unique conditions. It is crucial the industries, regardless of the size of their organisations, not lose sight of the most important cybersecurity concerns.

Discover a new world of potential

Get your diaries at the ready as the most important date in the UK space industry calendar is approaching. Space Comm is the only event that covers the whole of the space supply; discovering new technologies, innovations, and applications from over 150 suppliers, including METCLOUD.

This ground-breaking event, held at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre brings together the whole industry for two days of in-person networking and commerce.

The space race is now open to world-changing innovators and those with the capacity to do so. Rather than just world leaders and government-affiliated organisations. METCLOUD is excited and proud to be a part of this spectacular event- September 7th-8th.

Find the registration link here

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